This is not your typical Myers-Briggs test and is supposed to evaluate your “INTJ likelihood” based on your behaviour in real world situations. Please choose the answer that feels closest to your spontaneous, natural you.

You are free to do anything all day. In which activity would you most likely engage?

You have already laid out a plan on how you would spend a holiday several months ago. When that day comes, something will happen and you cannot proceed as planned. What will be your initial reaction?

You’re on a vacation and just arrived at your destination. How would you spend your day(s) at this new place?

How would you best describe your circle of friends?

You are attending an indoor party. In what part of the room would you most likely be found?

An acquaintance approach you and told you directly that he dislikes you because you are arrogant. How will you respond to him?

You are in a bus when your seatmate starts chatting with you. How would you treat this sudden conversation from a stranger?

You are in a conversation with a group of acquaintances. How do you participate in the discussion?

You are voicing out your opinion to a group about a certain issue. After your explanation, some individuals expressed their disagreement with you. How will you respond to this?

You have a neighbour who annoys you by playing electric guitar during wee hours. You wanted to move to a quieter place but you do not have enough money to do so. What will be your course of action?

You read in your Facebook feed about a young successful man jumping to his death because his lover left him. What would you comment about this article?

What do you usually do when you encounter a difficult problem?

What do you consider most important when choosing a partner in life?

You are having a first date with a potential lover. What might compel you to NEVER ask for another date with this person?

The leader of your group is sick but you have a deadline to meet today. What will you do to get things done?

When are you most effective when working on a project?

How do you cope with tremendous amount of stress?

You find your colleagues all huddled in one place and whispering about another colleague. What will be your reaction?

You noticed that a team mate has made a mistake in the project that you are working on. What is the most likely action you would take?

How do you find learning a new concept?