Find out how your INTJ personality type affects your social life.

Musical Band.

You walk into a party:


You are in class and there is a debate about a subject you are passionate about:


It’s Friday night, you:


How do you feel about romantic relationships?


How are you at flirting?

At work meetings do you:


When people around you are engaging in casual conversation you:


Which color are you most drawn to?

What type of music do you prefer?


What is your social media platform of choice?

You hear that scientists just found a cure for cancer, what is your first thought?

Credit Card.

A stranger starts making small talk with you in line at the grocery store, you:

One of the Kardashians is pregnant, what is your first thought?

Which of these careers appeals to you the most?

If you were on “Survivor”, you:

Do you prefer friends or acquaintances?

The prospect of a blind date is:

Having lunch at work you:

How do you celebrate your birthday?

How do you feel about your neighbors?