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Brand Spankin' New

Post by RockStar » June 22nd, 2020, 11:47 pm

Hi, I'm Andy, and I am an INTJ.

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am 55 and live in Southern California. I am highly intelligent: IQ = 135. I am hyper competitive, hyper competant, and highly motivated.

I am a teacher, or I should say I am the very best elementary teacher there is. I rarely have problems with students and parents (I have developed my communication skills to a high level), but more importantly, I get RESULTS!!!. My students kick ass on the Common Core standardized test. In a world where teachers are getting 20-25% to pass, I am get 50 - 60% to pass. Admin comes in and ask how I do it. In the past I have just shook my head and said I don't know - I think now that it may have to do with my INTUITION.

My wife, of 35 years, died 10 months ago and I have been going through the grief process. And with COVID shutting everything down I decided to try and learn more about myself. Most importantly, What I value? What I want? and What I want in my next relationship?

I am an INTJ, but I never paid attention to the whole Intuition part - very interesting.

Oh well. That all for now. I hope to get to talk to some of you.
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Re: Brand Spankin' New

Post by PowerMechGuy » June 24th, 2020, 7:22 am

Welcome to the forum. It has been immensely quiet; like crickets in a B rated film quiet.

Anywho, that is awesome that your students are finding success. Teaching, like so many other things, is a complex art; one you must have an excellent grasp of.

I would say intuition is one of the hardest functions to "track." Even at the forefront of our personality type, it still tends to take a more subconscious role.
God speaks through all creation.
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Re: Brand Spankin' New

Post by afgmjg » August 12th, 2020, 11:15 pm

I am sorry for your loss, very hard I have lost several people who were close in my life. Some were harder than others. My Dad, my brother, my mom, my grand parents. My husband is named Andy too. My brothers death haunts me the most we were very very close and he died at 26 from drug abuse. Even his death gets a little easier with time but I will never be over it. My Grandmother was the best human being I ever knew but she was sick and her quality of life wasn't great so I have to be ok with it. I know one thing for sure if she doesn't make it to heaven no one is making it. You will find your way but it takes time. I know my Grandmother is smiling down on me. Their is life after death-we have to make the right choices this is what I believe. Hope you feel better soon. We are living in such a dark world now days so I am doing things to make myself happy even for a minute. Listen to music, find a good joke that makes me laugh anything happy. Sometimes it takes a while to get to this place again. Best of luck and it is wonderful that you are such a good teacher helping others goes a long ways toward getting thru sadness. I was fired from a job for no wrong doing once I was the only one working my husband is chronically sick couldn't work-very good job with benefits right before Christmas. I am good at making beautiful jewelry so I made jewelry for my aunts to cheer myself up and it worked the best thing I could have done.
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