Hello there INTJs

Say hello and let us know who you are.
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Hello there INTJs

Post by Celestia » May 6th, 2022, 9:26 am

When I was young I was a very sensitive child. Not only that I was so introverted and shy, it was hard for me to make friends. My friendships don't last long. When I was in 6th grade I transferred to another school. I was still asocial, but I wanted to open up. I made friends but I was way too open that time, my classmates made fun of me. I had a friend in the 8th grade that I share lots of interests with. When we're together we laugh a lot. My other classmates made fun of us. Probably they were too envious. That year was our last year together though and I haven't seen her ever since.Not to mention that these people were too stupid. My friend and I were smart that's why I had a strong connection with her. The same thing was in highschool. I was so naive for being too nice to people. I never made fun of someone and I was always polite. Yet I never understand why people are like this to me. They always make fun of me. And whenever I am with people, I don't feel like myself. It's just that I had no control over it. Now I am a Freshman student. I don't approach people or communicate with them. I am always distant and I try to be myself and not be rude. Can anyone relate to this?
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Re: Hello there INTJs

Post by Run21 » November 4th, 2022, 9:03 pm

They aren’t fucking worth this post. Ignore them.
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