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Re: Introduction

Post by LoneAlpha14 » January 16th, 2019, 6:19 am

[mention]alexander[/mention], no need to apologize - I know you didn't mean to say that, I just followed up. Speaking about your situation, you just need to relax and try not to think about anything during those "only for the do" things. Perhaps I'm not the right person to tell you that, as I often seem uptight, simply because I don't feel comfortable. However, once I put my conscious ego aside, it all unfolds. Sometimes, it's not us, but the environment - primarily, though. Let's not forget that we choose our reactions and thoughts in the first place. In this scenario, our company might suck, the music might be lousy, and the day just too exhausting for us to be able to switch off and unwind.

I need to correct myself - I used too hard words to explain it. A thing I do when it comes to belittling emotions in a way. Once I said only cowards cried, when my sister tried to explain that crying is good, relieving, etc. I knew that, and I didn't want to generalize, but since, this, too, was done in writing, I now learned I had to be more careful when choosing my words, as not everyone's in my head (luckily). Same applies to the second quote - I agree with you, one can never predict. What I was referring to here were those things you admire so much at first, but later, in practice, discover them to be not so shiny and bright. Or complicated as you thought in the beginning. Like, is this all there is to it? Imagine you started a new position at a company, and feel frightened because you will have to learn how to use a seemingly complicated tool. Once you've seen it, done it, you realize it's just been inflated to astound. And you ask yourself what's the point in making an entire philosophy out of it when it's actually so easy. Perhaps it's a thought of an advanced mind or something not everyone's capable of seeing?

It is precisely because of the last part you said that life is wonderful. I also pay close attention to and reflect on those. Like when sugar crystals cut into the butter to capture air in tiny holes they create, which causes leavening. Pure science in its simple glory. Or the amazing harmony of nature, etc. etc. Countless examples. :)
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Re: Introduction

Post by alexander » January 16th, 2019, 8:41 pm

LoneAlpha14, Thank you for the advice.
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